Magazine Articles

Magazine Articles

The Whiting Walk

The whiting-on-surface-lures fishery is only relatively new, but has attracted quite a lot of press already. In this article, Scott Amon offers up the real secrets to this style of fishing — much of which has never been published before. Not much more than half a decade ago, consistent whiting captures were strictly the realm… Continue reading The Whiting Walk

Clear Water Bream

Yellowfin bream mooching around in gin clear water is a common enough sight, but catching them is a lot more difficult than just watching them. In this article, Scott and Coen Amon give the lowdown on techniques that work a treat for these often-shy, wary fish.

Pelagic Snapper

According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, pelagic means “belonging to the upper layers of the open sea”. When we use the term pelagic we are generally referring to oceanic speedsters such as tuna, wahoo and marlin, but not snapper. After all, snapper are bottom hugging reef dwellers, right? Wrong! Sure, snapper are attracted to reef,… Continue reading Pelagic Snapper

Red Fever

Jason Wilhelm has been on a steep and exhilarating learning curve in his obsession with red emperor. With some very impressive captures behind him, he shares valuable tips from the lessons he’s learned so far.

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