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Raymarine and Emerson Partner to Deliver DockSense Control

The recreational marine industry’s first intelligent object-recognition and motion-sensing assisted-docking solution is now available to boat builders and technical installers. 

Docking a boat – especially in wind and current – can be a stressful experience for even the most experienced captains. The impacts of mishaps range from mildly embarrassing to extremely expensive.

Raymarine understands that boating should be relaxing and fun. That’s why its engineers went to work nearly four years ago, developing and combining the technologies that could help remove the stresses of docking a boat. All the while increasing peace of mind and protecting boaters’ valuable investments.

First demonstrated in prototype form in 2019 at the Dusseldorf and Miami International Boat Shows, Raymarine DockSense™ Control technology was conceived, designed and proven effective in augmenting a captain’s boat-handling skills to avoid docking mishaps. The system uses an array of Teledyne FLIR stereoscopic cameras to establish, monitor, and render a Virtual Fender zone around the vessel. Visually represented on a Raymarine Axiom® multifunction display, DockSense Control accurately senses pilings, dock edges and other vessels as they begin to encroach on the perimeter.

DockSense Control prevents the vessel from colliding with a detected object and moves the vessel in the direction commanded by the captain via the joystick, simultaneously compensating for the effects of wind and tide. With no commands, the system will hold the vessel’s position taking the stress out of docking, it is no longer necessary to rush to tie up. The stereo vision system gives a clear map of objects around the vessel allowing to see what is in the blind spots when at the helm.

Now available to boat builders for straight-shaft inboard and bow-thruster propulsion-system applications, Raymarine DockSense Control uses a litany of refined technologies. These include global positioning system (GPS) monitoring, attitude heading reference system (AHRS) position-sensing technology to compensate for the effects of wind and currents, multiple Teledyne FLIR machine vision cameras, and a central processing module. DockSense™ Control interfaces with Raymarine Axiom® multifunction displays and the Emerson AVENTICSTMMarex 3D joystick system to help captains make a smooth arrival.

“It’s an exciting step forward for boaters,” says Gregoire Outters, General Manager for the Raymarine brand at Teledyne FLIR. “After years of development, testing and refinement – meeting and overcoming challenges head-on – we couldn’t be more excited to announce the availability of Raymarine DockSense Control to the recreational marine industry. DockSense Control delivers a beautifully engineered solution to one of the most common problems and sources of frustration in boating and is squarely representative of Raymarine’s mission of improving the overall boating experience.”

“Emerson has long been committed to making ship maneuvering ever safer and easier,” explains Steffen Kauth, Business Development Manager at Emerson Automation Solutions. “With the Aventics™ Marex 3D joystick system, we have taken a major step forward on this path, providing intuitive, one-handed operation of main and auxiliary drives at great accuracy in maneuvering. Dynamic positioning was another milestone. With Raymarine Docksense™ a new level of comfort in operation is reached, combining easy maneuvering and assisted docking to a unique user experience.”

DockSense Control means that boat builders now have two distinct choices of Raymarine assisted-docking systems to meet the needs of their customers. Released last year,DockSense Alert is compatible with a wide variety of vessels and uses many of the same Raymarine assisted-docking technologies. It includes audible and visual warnings when objects encroach upon the user-defined Virtual Bumper zone around the vessel but does not integrate with the boat’s propulsion system.

Meanwhile, DockSense Control offers full integration with inboard/bow-thruster propulsion systems and will actually override a captain’s throttle and steering inputs to keep the vessel from contacting obstacles.

Boat builders interested in learning more about Raymarine DockSense Control are invited to speak with their Raymarine Sales Representative or contact us through our website

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The Red Coast with All 4 Adventure & Raymarine

All 4 Adventure & Raymarine team up again for Series 13, The Red Coast

Aussie adventurer Jase Andrews has again teamed up with marine electronics brand Raymarine for series 13 of his top rated All 4 Adventure fishing and outdoors show.

This time Jase explores northern Western Australia, known for its vast and rugged coastline. Titled “The Red Coast”, this latest season of All 4 Adventure features plenty of hard-core fishing and boating in some of Australia’s most remote waterways.

As usual, Jase and the crew rely on the proven power, performance and dependability of Raymarine marine electronics as they travel through this harsh yet spectacular landscape.

This season of the show features a new addition to the All 4 Adventure arsenal – a custom built alloy barge which allows the team access to areas that even Jase hasn’t been to before!

Powered by twin Mercury outboards, and designed to transport quad bikes on the foredeck and a tough-as-nails Sea Jay tinny on the roof, the barge is purpose built for long range expeditions into remote locations. Along with ample fuel and water capacity, the barge is  fitted out with an array of Raymarine electronics including twin Axiom Pro RVX 12” MFDs, a Quantum Q24D Doppler 18” Radar and an Evolution Hydraulic Autopilot.

“Our new barge allows for trips into some truly remote and wild areas,” Jase says. “When you’re in this sort of country, there’s no room for error. The Raymarine gear we’ve installed on this vessel means I can safely navigate to places that very few people – myself included – have ever been to.

“For instance, the peace of mind offered by the Quantum Q24D Doppler Radar when travelling in low light conditions is a real game changer when it comes to exploring new and potentially risky waters.

“Team that with the superior sonar and chartplotting performance of the Axiom Pros, and the convenience offered by the Evolution Autopilot, and the end result is we can travel safely into places which would otherwise be off limits.”

Apart from the thrill of exploration, Jase and his crew know that the fishing in these unspoilt and remote waters can be incredible. It’s no surprise then that the All 4 Adventure Sea Jay 4.28 Avenger tinny is set up with a powerful and reliable Raymarine Element 9 HV sounder.

“We get to go to some pretty awesome places so we want to make the most of it when we’re there,” Jase says.

“The incredible detail and clarity provided by the Raymarine Element gives us the upper hand when it comes to finding fish and fish-holding structure.

“The Element’s Hyper Vision technology provides us with the ability to quickly and easily find and target the most productive areas, giving us the best possible chance at success.”

Raymarine is delighted to again provide Jase and the team at All 4 Adventure with Raymarine technology. These guys fish hard in unforgiving and remote locations and it’s great to see that they’ve again chosen Raymarine.

Series 13 of All 4 Adventure is currently airing across Australia on the 10 Network. For screening times and details on how to watch previous episodes, go to

Find out more about Raymarine’s products, including Axiom Pro, Quantum Doppler Radar, Evolution Autopilot and Element Sonar/GPS at

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