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Huge Mavericks - January 10th, 2021

Huge paddle in and tow in surfing at Mavericks in Half Moon Bay, California on January 10th, 2021. The session lasted all day with epic conditions, huge swell, and lack of wind.

Mavericks Beach

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Straight To The Bu

Harrison Roach and Nathan Strom at Malibu

Chad DuToit: Not Laguna Beach

South Africa's scenic south coast plays host to surfer, Chad DuToit

Big Burleigh: Boxing Day 2011

Surfing Big Burleigh, Boxing Day 2011 with Bede Durbidge, Bottle Thompson, Adam Clarke & Co.

MS & Friends: Noosa

A long board surfing at Noosa, featuring MS Surfboards crew. Drone footage by Kieran Harris, presented by Outerpath Films.

Best Of Spring 2020 Part 1

Spring Wrap 2020 Part 1. Rainbow Bay, Duranbah, the best spring season for waves the Gold Coast has had for years, with Occy, Nikki Van Djik, Dane Pioli, Mitch Crews, Troy Brooks, Craig (Wazza) Warren & Co

Best Of Spring 2020 Part 2

Spring 2020 Part 2 Greenmount/Burleigh, the best Spring season for waves the Gold Coast has had for years, with Ryan Grey, Nick Vasicek, Travis Gentle, Josh Glennon, Korbin Hutchings & Co

Maurice Cole: The First Wave

A compelling story of a gifted Aboriginal surfer's battles with the law, mental health and himself. Maurice knows Bells better than probably anyone and when the WCT contest is on visiting pro's look to him for advice on equipment, which waves to choose and where to sit in the lineup. He's like a wise elder of the surfing fraternity and has shaped boards for Tom Curren, Tom Carroll, Occy, Taj and others that gave them an edge. He's one of surfing's elder statesmen and deserves greater recognition, though he’s never looked for it. 

A Mano Surf

Shot throughout the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia, the film features different forms of wave riding and the art of hand shaping a board whilst also capturing the scenic beauty of the region

Mundaka: Hurricane Epsilon

In late October 2020, as Hurricane Epsilon spun off the coast of Europe, Mundaka, the Basque Country’s mythical point break, woke up from its summer slumber to bring Natxo González, Kepa Acero, Aritz Aranburu, Leo Fioravanti and friends 24 hours of classic conditions.

Mirage: Skeleton Bay

Since it was unveiled in 2008, the wave at Skelton Bay has become part of every surfer's lexicon, a synonym for never-ending sand bottomed tubes. But unlike Pipeline, G-Land, or other iconic world class waves, the two-kilometre-long left on the edge of the Namib Desert is in a constant state of flux. If satellite imagery is anything to go by, the wave we know today didn’t even exist 30 years ago.