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Mornin Routine

Covid 19 has shut down the beaches in Mexico, leaving only the ones who call Puerto Escondido home, in the water. Cops are strict, and surfers are only allowed to surf until the men in blue start their shift.

Stephen Rawding

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Longboard Surfing: Queens Hawaii

Waikiki groms stylishly shredding at the famous Queens surf break, while uncles and aunties score a few fun ones too.

New Zealand: East Coast Shuffle

Longboarders,Tom Mason & Blake Michaels enjoy some nice waves on the east coast of NZ

Three Day Bender: Charly Quivront

This January, before the world got all weird, cagey and tragic, France’s most notorious beach break, La Graviere, went bananas for three days straight. Local tube hound Charly Quivront was totally possessed until his mind was sufficiently blown and his quiver satisfactorily in pieces.

Sessions: Riley's in Ireland

Winter for Ireland's big wave surfers usually means epic sessions at Mullaghmore. But this winter, Conor Maguire and the cold water Irish crew scored big at the fickle slab, Riley's. See all the moments in the lead up to the swell of the winter, plus all the action that went down.

On The Map: Forster To Coffs Harbour

This region has so many setups it could take you 6 months to explore them all if it was your full-time job. Mitch Crews and Ryan Callinan made it their job for a week and scored pumping waves

Cyclone Oma: Behind The Scenes

In February 2019, TC Oma provided one of the best swells in the last two or three decades. Waves for a solid week, pumping Kirra, perfect Noosa,and Currumbin Alley was as big as it's ever been. Check out behind the scenes with some of the most barrelled men during the epic run of waves.

Nev Hyman: A Biographical Documentary

A short biographical documentary by Michaela Sutherland on the life of Nev Hyman, creator of Firewire Surfboards and NevHouse. He is a charismatic, innovative and an internationally recognised member of the surfing community.

Baddy, Family and Friends: Angourie

That laugh and passion will always be missed. But we know his spirit is always here. One year on ... RIP Dave 'Baddy' Treloar

24 hours with Jeffreys Bay

This video filmed by Jimmy Lees, with additional footage by Chris Bryan, features Julian Wilson surfing Jefferys Bay

Mick Fanning: 3 years, 3 waves, 9 barrels

Craig Halstead has filmed Mick Fanning for many years. This is a compilation of 9 of his best tubes on 3 waves over 3 years, 2011, 2012, 2013.